Grateful Addict

Grateful Addict

I just recently visited Wales in United Kingdom due to the sudden death of my brother. As I have been taught, shown, and guided on this journey of recovery, I sought out my support of brothers and sisters in Narcotics Anonymous meetings, wherever I may be traveling to, and for whatever reason. I was able to get such a great dose of gratitude for what we have here in Sharkcoast Area, as small as some people may feel it to be.

I had the opportunity to attend three meetings while I was there for over a 15 day period. One in Abergavenny, one in Newport, and one in Cardiff. Abergavenny and Newport has only one meeting a week. Cardiff has only four meetings a week. To put this into perspective, Cardiff has over twenty times the population of Venice and the streets were lined with tents and homeless addicts. The drug epidemic there was quite astonishing. There were no meeting lists available, no Basic Texts and very few I.P.’s or other literature available. Those meetings are really struggling to pay rent in order to keep the doors open. It’s very sad to see and it really touched me and helped me to stay grateful for what we have. The addicts in Sarasota County Jail get more of an opportunity to go to meetings than the local people in those areas.

As a ‘World Wide Fellowship’ of Narcotics Anonymous, we can all contribute, whether it’s the dollar in the basket that gets forwarded to ‘World Services’ of Narcotics Anonymous, or a service commitment that helps us carry the message of recovery to the addict that still suffers.


Thanks for allowing me to share…